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Automatic Brushless DC Motor BLDC Needle Winding Machine

Model number:ND-S2W01P
Introduction:The 2 stations automatic stator needle winding machine is used for BLDC Stator manufacturing.

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  • Automatic Brushless DC Motor BLDC Stator Needle Winding Machine

    Automatic BLDC Motor Winding Machine Introduction:

    The stator needle winding machine is used for BLDC Motor Stator manufacturing. 

    This needle winding machine has two working station. 

    Machine movement is pre-set in the touch screen. 

    All the winding data can be shown on the touch screen during machine running. 

    During running, machine will alarm if something goes wrong. 

    Applications in the fields

    Brushless motors are widely used in many fields due to their excellent response speed, control accuracy, high efficiency, low noise, long life and high reliability. Here are some of the main application areas for brushless motors:

    1. Robot industry: Brushless motors have become a common type of high-efficiency motors in robots, used for autonomous navigation, motion control, and driving of key components such as arms and joints.

    2. Consumer electronics field: including smartphones (vibration feedback), drones (power drive), sweeping robots (improving efficiency), etc.

    3. Industrial manufacturing field: automated production lines, power tools, environmentally friendly cleaning equipment, etc.

    4. Transportation field: electric vehicles, high-speed trains, electric motorcycles, etc.

    5. Household appliances: such as washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc., realize intelligent operation through microprocessor-controlled brushless DC motors.

    6. Industrial automation equipment: high-end CNC processing equipment, industrial sewing machines, light printing machinery, food processing machinery, etc.

    7. Precision electronic equipment: such as computer hard and floppy disk drives, laser typewriter prism drives, video recorder drum drives, etc.

    8. Aviation and medical equipment: aircraft, medical equipment, manufacturing equipment and tools, industrial robots, etc.

    9. Other applications: including electric scooters, cordless drills, DVD players, electric and hybrid vehicles, etc.

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    BLDC Motor Coil Winding Machine Technical parameter

    Product name:BLDC Motor Stator Needle Winding Machine
    Stator ID:φ25—φ60mm  (Other specifications can be specially designed)
    Stator OD:φ60—φ200 mm (Other specifications can be specially designed)
    Stack length:10-80mm(Standard stroke)
    Wire diameter:φ0.13—φ1.2mm(Other specifications can be specially designed)
    Spindle speeds:0-260 RPM adjustable
    Air pressure:0.5-1MPa
    Voltage:380V/50HZ Three phase four wires
    The above parameters are for reference only. We can customize the brushless stator winding machine according to customer needs. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.

    Automatic BLDC Motor Winding Machine Feature

    Two-staions Needle Coil Winding Technology Design

    For multi-pole BLDC stator winding, manual loading and unloading, automatic clamping, winding and shearing;

    PLC control, fault display

    Tooling and fixture parts adopt downward positioning mode, stable positioning and reliable tightening.

    Wire clamping and wire cutting, line part structure compact, wire clamping and wire cutting is completed at one time;

    Different stator and winding parameters can be quickly switched through the HMI to adapt to different stator requirements.

    Quick change-over of tooling;(about 20 minutes with proficiency)

    Automatic BLDC Motor Needle Winding Machine Picture Show

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    BLDC Motor Winding Machine.jpg

    Automatic BLDC Needle Coil Winding Machine.jpg

    Autoatic BLDC Motor Stator Needle Winding Machine Video

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