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Manul generator alternator stator winding machine

Model number:ND-A01
Introduction:The manual stator wave winding and inserting machine is used for Car automobile alternator generator stator making.

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  • Specification
  • Manul generator alternator stator winding and inserting machine

    The Alternator stator wave winding machine is Suitable for electric vehicle motor manufacturing, automotive motor making.


    Fully mechanical machine

    Save cost than fully by hand and Save the winding labor cost.

    Wind and insert wave shape coil winding for auto generator stator.

    Suitable for small quality production or rewind shop

    Dimension 420mm*430mm*440mm,

    Machine assist the worker to insert coils to car automobile stator stack,

    Weight around 40KGS


    Production output is related to the wave winding diagram ( wire diameter and turns no.), slot numbers.

    Some machine can produce 150pcs generator per day, and some can produce 40pcs per day,

    alternator stator winding machine.jpg

    generator stator winding machine.jpg

    Automotive alternator stator winding machine.jpg

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