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Motor Stator Winding Machine

Model number:RXL2-160M
Introduction:This stator winding machine is suitable for air conditioner motor, washing machine motor, compressor motor, fan motor, pump motor etc.

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  • Specification
  • The stator winding machine is suitable for air conditioner motor, washing machine motor, compressor motor, fan motor, pump motor etc.

    Stator coil winding process

    Continuous/discontinuous coil winding method.

    Mature and advanced technology, reliable quality, easy operation and maintenance.

    4 stator winding working stations. 

    Meet the 2poles,4poles,6poles coil winding.

    Main phase and auxiliary phase can be wound simultaneously. 

    Suitable for high production capacity stator coil winding 

    Auto skip, auto cutting, auto indexing could be completed at one time, 

    Parameter can be set in HMI, winding tension is adjustable, 

    (3)Technical parameter

    Product name: Motor stator winding machine
    Wire diameter: 0.18~1.2mm
    Max stator OD:200mm
    Max stack height: 160mm
    Flyer diameter: 400mm
    Max RPM: 1800RPM
    Air source: 0.6-0.8MPa
    Winding station: 4
    Winding head: 2
    Power supply: 380V 50/60HZ 7.5KW
    Weight: about 2000KG

    (4)Picture show

    stator winding machine-1.jpg

    motor stator winding machine-2.jpg

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