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BLDC motor stator slot paper insertion machine

Model number:ND-SSIW01B

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  • Specification
  • Automatic BLDC motor stator slot paper insertion machine

    This BLDC stator insulating paper insertion machine is use for inserting insulating paper in the BLDC motor stator slot, adopts a horizontal design,  manual loading and unloading, and automatic paper feeding, cutting, forming, indexing and inserting in the whole process.


    Functions and features:

    Manual loading and unloading method;

    Suitable for inserting insulating paper at the bottom of the stator straight slot;

    Automatic completion of paper feeding, cutting, forming, indexing, paper insertion and other processes;

    High production efficiency: about 1~2 seconds/slot;

    The paper inserting machine has good stable performance, simple operation, safe and reliable;

    The paper inserting machine frame is built by professional welding of sheet metal or aluminum, and the protective cover is added with plexiglass. The appearance is beautiful, the design is reasonable, and the structure is firm;

    The mold change is convenient. The mold is made of cold work die steel Cr12Mov and the hardness reaches 55-60HRC after heat treatment, which is not easy to wear, stable and reliable.

    The paper inserting machine is equipped with a safety device, and the equipment will automatically stop when a paper jam or other fault occurs during the operation of the equipment;


    Equipment technical parameters

    Product nameElectric BLDC  motor stator slot paper inserting machine    
    Stator OD.: φ50-φ200mm;    
    Stator stack thickness: 35~150mm;   
    Number of stator slots: even and odd slots    
    Insulating paper thickness: 0.188~0.35mm;  
    Paper feeding length:  adjustable within 35~150mm;   
    Spindle drive:Spindle motor: 0.75KW; 
    Indexing drive:  Indexing servo motor: 0.75KW;   
    Touch screen: 7-inch screen;  
    Input power:  220V AC50/60HZ;  
    Air pressure: 0.4~0.8MPa;    
    Total power:    2.5KW;    
    Weight:about 750Kg.  
    Dimension: about 2260×620×1600mm (L×W×H); 


    This Automatic Stator Insulation Paper Inserting Machine is suitable for BLDC motor, servo motor, stepper motors, servo motors, induction motors, etc.

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