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Automatic New energy Motor Stator Winding Machine

Model number:RXL4-100G
Introduction:The automatic stator coil winding machine is suitable for New Energy Motor, single phase motor , 3 phase motor ,induction motor, Asynchronous motor, etc.

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  • Automatic New Energy Motor Stator Winding Machine

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    NIDE can supply high performing Automatic Stator winding Machine. Our mechanical technical experts have conducted rigorous studies to meet and exceed the requirements of automobile industry new energy motor for winding multi-pole stator coils. Each system is PLC servo motor controlled for high accuracy and repeatability for all machine and tooling movements.


    automatic motor stator winding machine.jpgThe stator winding machine has a turret plate mounted for rotation about a vertical axis with stator clamp mechanisms mounted at spaced locations around its periphery for clamping stators to the turret plate with the axes of the stators coplanar with the axis of reciprocation and oscillation of the winding shuttle used to wind coils on the stators. The turret plate is repeatedly indexed in one direction about its vertical center axis to repeatedly sequentially move each of the stator clamp mechanism to a load/unload station, an optional idle station, a winding station, a coil lead terminating station, and then back to the load/unload station. Parts of the machine are quickly replaceable and other parts are programmable adjustable to accommodate different stator configurations.

    (1)Stator winding machine Feature

    Smaller footprint

    Low power consumption

    Especially suitable for high slot filling rate, small notch stator;

    4-head and 8-station automatic winding machine;

    Save copper wire comparing to manual job, uniformed winding

    It automatic put the coil into transfer former orderly.

    Winding mode such as automatic skip, automatic cutting and automatic indexing can be finished at a time successively;

    User friendly controls, parameter could be set in human-machine interface, winding tension is adjustable;

    Obtain continuous/discontinuous winding way and meets the 2 poles, 4 poles and 6 poles coils winding,


    (2)Stator winding machine Technical Parameter

    Product name: Automatic New Energy Motor Stator Winding Machine
    Max stator OD:120mm
    Wire diameter:0.19~1.2mm
    Max stack height: 65mm
    Max RPM: 2500RPM
    Swing diameter: 220mm
    Winding head:4
    Operation station:8
    Air source: ≥0.5MPa
    Power supply:380V 50/60HZ 15KW
    Weight: about 5000KG


    (3)Stator winding machine Application

    The stator coil winding machine is suitable for New Energy Motor, single phase motor , 3 phase motor ,induction motor, Asynchronous motor, DC motor, air conditioner motor, washing machine motor, compressor motor, fan motor, pump motor, etc.


    (4)Stator winding machine Picture Show

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    automatic stator coil winding machine.jpg

    new energy motor stator winding machine.jpg

    Our machine's application

    Our machines are mainly applied to induction motors, BLDC motor, universal motor, three phase motor, single phase motor, AC motor, DC motor, such as washing machine motor, air conditioner motor, pump motor, cooler motor, alternator motor, fan motor, ceiling fan motor, compressor motor, power tool motor, vacuum cleaner motor, mixer motor,  series motor, electrical car motor, wheel hub motor, electric toothbrush motor, hair dryer motor, electric shaver motor,etc.

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