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Electric motor testing equipment

Model number:ND-MTA-822F
Introduction:The electric motor testing equipment machine is suitable for household appliance motors, fan motors, water pump motors, stepper motors, servo motors.

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  • Specification
  • Electric motor testing equipment fan motor AC Hipot testing machine

    This intelligent electric motor testing equipment is suitable for testing motors of different specifications; it is convenient to move and change test molds, and it adopts a combination of touch screen and buttons to facilitate personnel operation; it has self-diagnosis and remote automatic upgrade functions to facilitate later system upgrade and maintenance


    I. Application industries:

    The motor testing machine is suitable for household appliance motors, fan motors, water pump motors, stepper motors, servo motors.


    II. Introduction

    1. Test station: double test station

    2. Test items:

    AC Hipot:winding to iron core;

    Insulation resistance:winding to iron core;

    Surge:winding to winding;

    Winding resistance:winding to winding;

    No-load test: no-load electrical parameters;

    Low-start test: low-voltage starting electrical parameters

    Stall test: simulation of stall parameters;

    Direction of rotation:The actual turning of the motor;


    III. System Features

    1. Linux operating system, professional control software, simple interface

    2. Standard equipped with code scanning function (optional equipped with code scanner)

    3. Standard equipped with yellow, green and red indicating light. Yellow-in test, green-pass, and red-fail.

    4. Temperature compensation: automatically converted the tested value to that under standard temperature.

    5. The test time for one stator is less than 8s.

    6. The left station and right station can work separately to improve the testing efficiency.

    7. The light and sound alarm will be triggered in case of any equipment failure or the stator fails the test.

    8. The color of the testing system is aluminum primary color.

    9. Multiple interfaces: USB, LAN, CAN, RS232.

    10. Support to connect with the MES system (production management system).


    IV. Technical Parameters

    1. AC Hipot:Applied AC high voltage from the silicon steel sheet to iron core, and test the current of testing loop.

    Output voltage setting range/ precision: AC 200~3000V±(2%×setting value+10V)  
    breakdown current testing range/precision: 0.10~20.00mA±(2%×display value+0.05mA)
    breakdown current presetting alarm range:Max:0.10~20.00mA;Min:0.00~20.00mA
    test time range/resolution:0.5~999.9s   0.1s/step
    arc detection:1~9 (9 is the most sensitive level)


    2. Insulation resistance:apply DC high voltage between winding and iron core and check the insulation resistance of testing loop.

    output voltage setting range/precision:DC 500V/1000V±(2%×setting value+10V)
    insulation resistance testing range/precision: 1~500MΩ≤100MΩ:±(3%×display value+0.5MΩ);  >100MΩ:±(5%×display value+5MΩ)
    insulation resistance alarm setting range:Max:0~500MΩ;Min:1~500MΩ
    test time range/resolution:0.5~999.9s   0.1s/step


    3. Surge:apply impulse high voltage to windings, and compare the oscillation graph with the saved graph.

    output voltage setting range/precision:500~3000V±(3%×display value+8V) 
    sampling frequency: 100MHz
    Surge graph  comparison:Area, area difference, corona, phase. Three surge graphs will be displayed on the test interface

    4. DC winding resistance:four-wire resistance measuring method. Apply DC current to the windings and test the temperature and winding resistance under current environment. The resistance will be converted to the value under designated temperature(generally 20℃ or 25℃) automatically.

    measuring range and precision: 10.0mΩ~20KΩ±(0.3%×display value+3 words)  temperature compensation can be set
    test time range/resolution: 0.5~999s  0.1s/step
    temperature compensation: Yes
    temperature probe/measuring range:DS18b20    -10.0℃~+50.0℃
    precision: ±0.5℃(range:-10℃~+50℃)

    5. No-load / low-voltage start / stall test:

    Voltage test range and accuracy AC:30 ~ 500V ± (0.5% × display value + 1V)
    Current test range and accuracy AC:0.03 ~ 5.0A ± (0.5% × display value + 2 words)
    Power test range and accuracy: 0.6-1500W ± (0.5% × display value + 5 words)


    6. Direction of rotation:the rotation is tested by monitoring the change of magnetic field

    Rotation: CW, CCW and still


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