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Air conditioner BLDC motor stator testing panel machine

Model number:NIDE-STA-816F
Introduction:This stator test system is suitable for different specifications of brushless motors. The test equipment and tooling are combined in an integrated manner, which is convenient to move, and the test tooling is easy to replace. It adopts a touch screen and key combination operation mode for convenient operation.

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  • Specification
  • I. Requirement analysis

    Test object: stator of BLDC motor for air conditioner


    II. Test item and specification

    1. Test station: dual station (double two)

    2. Clamping mode: Four test clamps, probe connection

    3. Test items:

        AC Hipot:winding to iron core;

        Insulation resistance:winding to iron core;

        Surge:winding to winding;

        Winding resistance:winding to winding;

        Inductance:winding to winding;

        Direction of rotation:CW, CCW and still;

    BLDC motor stator testing panel machine of for air conditioner-1 

    III. System features:

    1. Intelligent system: the system can connect the Ethernet via network port, and achieve data communication and resources sharing to meet the requirements of internet of things.

    2. Modular design: separated module can achieve serial or parallel test, single station or multiple station tests.

    3. High performance: available to test Hipot, insulation resistance, surge, winding resistance, inductance and rotation.

    4. Strong adaptability: support to test winding with more than 10uH, and the surge voltage feedback function makes the test more accurate.

    5. Easy to maintain: support self-diagnose, remote control and software online upgrading. Modular design makes the board card can be changed easily.

    6. High efficiency: all test items can be tested at one stop with once wire connection. It takes less than 5s to test the single-phase asynchronous motor with single speed.

    7. Easy to operate: professional test software, humanized operating interface, built-in help document, standard equipped with touch screen and numeric keyboard

    8. Multiple interfaces: it comes with USB, LAN, RS232, RS485 and Can interfaces.

    9. Language: standard equipped with Chinese, multiple languages are available.

    IV. Technical Parameters

    1. AC Hipot:Applied AC high voltage from the silicon steel sheet to iron core, and test the current of testing loop.

    Output voltage setting range/ precision: AC 200~3000V±(2%×setting value+10V)  

    breakdown current testing range/precision: 0.10~20.00mA±(2%×display value+0.05mA)

    breakdown current presetting alarm range: Max:0.10~20.00mA;Min:0.00~20.00mA

    test time range/resolution: 0.5~999.9s   0.1s/step

    arc detection: 1~9 (9 is the most sensitive level)

    2. Insulation resistance:apply DC high voltage between winding and iron core and check the insulation resistance of testing loop.

    output voltage setting range/precision: DC 500V/1000V±(2%×setting value+10V)

    insulation resistance testing range/precision: 1~500MΩ≤100MΩ:±(3%×display value+0.5MΩ);  >100MΩ:±(5%×display value+5MΩ)

    insulation resistance alarm setting range: Max:0~500MΩ;Min:1~500MΩ

    test time range/resolution: 0.5~999.9s   0.1s/step

    3. Surge:apply impulse high voltage to windings, and compare the oscillation graph with the saved graph.

    output voltage setting range/precision: 500~3000V±(3%×display value+8V)   

    sampling frequency: 100MHz

    Surge graph  comparison: Area, area difference, corona, phase. Three surge graphs will be displayed on the test interface

    4. DC winding resistance:four-wire resistance measuring method. Apply DC current to the windings and test the temperature and winding resistance under current environment. The resistance will be converted to the value under designated temperature(generally 20℃ or 25℃) automatically.

    measuring range and precision: 10.0mΩ~20KΩ±(0.3%×display value+3 words)  temperature compensation can be set

    test time range/resolution: 0.5~999s  0.1s/step

    temperature compensation: Yes

    temperature probe/measuring range: DS18b20    -10.0℃~+50.0℃

    precision: ±0.5℃(range:-10℃~+50℃)

    5. Inductance:apply electric level signal with preset frequency to the windings and test the inductance of windings.

    test frequency     : 100Hz\120Hz\1kHz\10kHz

    electrical level: 0.3V\0.6V\1V

    test range: 1µH~2H

    precision: 0.5%

    6. Direction of rotation:the rotation is tested by monitoring the change of magnetic field

    Rotation: CW, CCW and still

    V. Picture show

    BLDC motor stator testing panel machine of for air conditioner-2 

    BLDC motor stator testing panel machine of for air conditioner-3

    VI. Test methods:

    1. Set the test sequence and parameters range as to the stator parameters and establish a new model for this type of stator (The model of one stator type needs to be established only for the first time)

    2. Put the tested stator on a designated station and clamp it

    3. Sliding cover to start the test and the “in-test” indication light is lightening.

    4. All the items will be tested. The operator is not allowed to touch the stator during the test.

    5. Pass or fail signal will be triggered after completing all items test.

    6. Take out the tested stator and continue to test next one from step 2.

    BLDC motor stator testing panel machine of for air conditioner-4

    VII. Software function introduction

    1. All the items can be selected to test or disabled.

    2. The motor model can be established up to 1000.

    3. The maximum and minimum test value of each type of motor can be entered and saved. The resistance and inductance has the function of setting and displaying the unbalanced degree.

    4. Two options are available in case of failing the test result: “continue to test” and “stop the test”. If the winding resistance test failed, the test can be stopped after testing the three windings.

    5. The testing data is stored in the data base, and can be exported via USB port. 

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