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Automatic universal motor armature manufacturing line

Model number:ND-UZZX
Introduction:This fully automatic armature winding line is suitable for winding varies type universal electric motor armature and DC motor armatures.

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  • Specification
  • This fully automatic armature winding line is suitable for winding varies type universal electric motor armature and DC motor armatures, such as vacuum cleaner motor, wiper motor, mixer motor, RO pump motor, power tool motor, etc. 

    It features fast, efficient, accurate winding, easy set-up, user-friendly programming and tooling flexibility.

    Main armature making machine technical data 

    (1)Automatic flyer coil  winding machine:

     The Automatic Armature Winding machine is designed for winding of various types of hook commutator armature used in home appliances, power tools and automobile industry. As the machine is simple to operate, quick to set to the various armature sizes and high productivity, it is especially suitable for batch winding of motor armatures.


    Input voltage220V±10%
    Rated frequency50Hz
    Motor power2.0KW 1500r/min
    Spindle speed0~1500r/min
    Center height160mm(it can be customized.)
    Max.armature ODf60mm(it can be customized.)
    Pre-setting turn number range0~32767
    Displaytrue color touch screen
    Speed adjustmentcontrolled by touch screen
    Starting methodmanual switch
    Max. speed4000r/min
    Acceleration timesettable freely(default value is 100-500MS)

    (2)Automatic slot paper inserting machine:

     This machine is used for inserting the insulation paper into the armature slot. 

    Armature O.D20~60mm
    Shaft lengthMax 250mm
    Shaft O.D3~17mm
    Commutator O.D12~40mm
    Slot number8~24 slots
    Thickness of insulation paper0.1mm~0.5mm
    Length of insulation paper10~70mm
    Type of insulation paper materialDMD, DM, Polyester film
    Air source4~6Kg/cm2
    Rated power1.5KW
    VoltageAC220V, 50/60Hz
    WeightAbout 400Kg

    910mm x 880 x 1300mm


    (3)Automatic commutator spot welding machine : 

    This Commutator hot staking machine is used for commutator hook welding. It is automatically indexing, automatically welding,you only need to load and unload the armature. Welding current can be adjusted according to different wire diameter. Easy operation and adjustment. 

    Armature diameter15~100mm
    Commutator diameter5~60mm
    Wire diameter0.07~1.8mm
    Max power25KVA
    Power supply voltage220V±10%50Hz
    Air source pressure



    (4)Automatic armature commutator turning machine :

    The turning machine is used for armature commutator outer surface turning. Single cutter , can turn more than one time. Positive knife.Three-axis servo control.


    Armature OD20~60 mm
    Armature stack length10~100 mm
    Shaft length50~250 mm
    Length of shaft at commutator end6~80 mm
    Shaft diameter at commutator end3~12 mm
    Commutator diameter12~42 mm
    Commutator roundness≤0.003mm
    Commutator bar-bar roundness≤0.002mm
    surface roughnessRa 0.4 ~ Ra 1.0
    Maximum cutting amountMax 0.12mm for the first cutting
    Armature speed regulation rangeMax 3000rpm
    Z direction Feeding speedStepless adjustable
    Z direction cutting length4 different turning lengths can be set
    Z direction strokeMax 40mm
    Rotor rotation during turningpositive
    V-block materialArtificial PCD diamonds
    Turning tool typeWide blade
    Machine power6KW
    PowerAC380V 50/60Hz
    Machine weightAbout 1100Kg
    Workpiece operation height950mm±50
    Production efficiency2200-2500pcs/shift
    Dimension1100mmx 900mmx1600mm

    Our fully automatic motor assemble line is suitable for varies type induction motor assembly, BLDC motor assembly, universal electric motor and DC motor assembly, It could automatically assemble the rotor, armature, stator and motor components together . It is used for washing machine motor, fan motor, BLDC motor, DD motor, electric bicycles motor , electric vehicle motor , hub motor, DD BLDC washing machine motor , compressor motor, vacuum cleaner motor, power tool motor, wiper motor, mixer motor, RO pump motor, NEMA motor, DC motor, etc. It features fast, efficient, accurate winding, easy set-up, user-friendly programming and tooling flexibility.

    Nide provides turn-key service and technical consultance for motor production technology, it covers varies type motors. We could accomplish tailored and innovative solutions to meet all quality and production requirements, aim at making motor production easier.

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