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Blower BLDC motor armature rotor needle winding machine

Model number:ND-R2SW02
Introduction:The motor coil winding machine is suitable for Blower motor armature and other BLDC external rotor coil windig,the automatic armature winder adopts needle winding method. Manual loading and unloading, automatic clamping, winding and shearing.

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  • Specification
  • Blower BLDC motor armature rotor needle winding machine / Motor Needle coil winderBLDC armature winding machine

    (1) Machine induction:

    This motor rotor winding machine is designed for the Blower motor BLDC armature rotor coil winding. The automatic rotor winder adopts needle winding method. Each action cycle will wind 2 BLDC rotor at the same time, greatly improved production efficiency. And the motor needle winder equipped with the servo control system, able to diagnose the fault, count the output etc. The other function such as auto winding, multi-diameter wires winding, auto indexing, auto skip slot and winding speed could be programmed, easy for operation and maintenance.


    (2) Application

    The motor coil winding machine is suitable for Blower motor armature and other BLDC external rotor.


    (3)Function and Characteristics

    1. The motor needle winding machine is sutiable for multi-pole BLDC armature coil winding. Manual loading and unloading, automatic clamping, winding and shearing.

    2. The frame adopts thickened 4080 aluminum profile, and the table plate adopts cast iron to absorb vibration, even when winding at high speed, the vibration is very small.

    3. Tooling and fixture parts adopt downward positioning mode, stable positioning and reliable tightening.

    4. Wire clamping and wire cutting, line part structure compact, wire clamping and wire cutting is completed at one time

    5. Different stator and winding parameters can be quickly switched through the HMI to adapt to different stator requirements.

    6. Quick change-overof tooling;(20 minutes with proficiency

    7. Full aluminum alloy protection

    8. PLC control, fault display

    9. The wire tightness is moderate, no injury, no breakage, ect.

    10. The salt test of the product is carried out within 10 mA in one minute.

    11. Equipment safety index: accord with CE standard.

    12. Efficiency: 120 rev / min.

    13. Beat: 5 minutes / BLDC rotor.

    14. Noise: 60-70 decibels or less.


    (4) Technical parameter:

    Product name:

    BLDC armature rotor coil winding machine/   Needle winder



    BLDC Armature I.D.

    20-80mm (Other specifications can be   specially designed)

    BLDC Armature O.D.

    50-120mm(Other specifications can be   specially designed)

    BLDC Armture stack length

    10-80mm(Standard stroke)

    100-200mm(Long stroke, special   customization)

    Wire dia.

    0.5-1.5mm(Other specifications can be   specially designed)

    Applicable pole number :


    Motor winding mechod :

    Needle winding

    Winding stations :


    Spindle speeds :

    0--300 RPM (adjustable)

    Servo mechanism:  

    Two 4.4KW Indexing Motor

    One 3KW Winding Motor with Brake

    750W or so two wiring motor


    380V/50HZ Three phase four wires

    Air pressure:





    1200*1360*1800mm (Length * width * height) Does   not include wire rack




    (5) Picture show

    1.The rotor coil needle winding machine show

    BLDC needle winding machine

    2.The blower motor rotor after needle winding

    BLDC armature rotor

    BLDC armature rotor


    (7)Youtube video

    The BLDC motor armature needle winding machine working video

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