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Induction motor Stator winding machine structure

Release time:2021/06/22

The winding machine is a device that winds a wire-like object onto a specific workpiece, and is usually used for copper wire winding. Most electrical products need to use enameled copper wire (referred to as enameled wire) to be wound into inductive coils, which can be completed by a winding machine or multiple processes.


With the continuous improvement of the performance of the core processor of the control system, there are also a large number of applications of servo drives, PLC, drive motors, precision sensors, and hydraulic actuators to winding equipment. The winding speed of automatic winding equipment and the specifications of electronic coils Accuracy has also been further improved; at the same time, due to the continuous increase in labor costs, the demand for motor manufacturers to use automated winding equipment to replace manual operations is also increasing.

stator winding machine.jpg 

Stator winding machine is a very important machine in automated motor manufacturing. NIDE Group can supply various motor manufacturing machines, provide different types of motor manufacturing solutions. Induction motor stator winding machines mainly include double-head winding machine, six-head 12-station winding machine, and four-head eight-station winding machine.

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These stator winding machines are mainly composed of a winding part, a manipulator part, a film sinking part, and a turntable part.

1) Winding part: The main function is to wind the wire forward or backward on the wire cup.

2) Manipulator part: The main function is to guide the thread during the winding process, and to clamp or trim the thread after the winding is completed.

3) Film sinking part: The main function is to move the mold up and down instantaneously during the winding process to form a multi-layer winding effect.

4) Turntable part: The main function is to rotate the wire cup after the end of one cycle of winding according to the set index value, and to control the rotation of the turntable when the winding starts.

stator coil winding machine.jpg

motor stator winding machine.jpg

Stator winding machine process

1. The turntable rotates, the cupping axis rotates, and the manipulator reaches the winding position.

2. A section of the film sinks, winding starts, and the machine receives the pay-off position.

3. The manipulator waits at the position of clamping or cutting.

4. At the end of winding, the sinking axis will reach the final sinking position.

5. The machine uses the hand to finish the thread clamping action or the thread trimming action.

6. The film sinking axis returns to a section of film sinking position, and the cupping axis turns to the next indexing, knowing the last indexing

induction motor stator winding machine.jpg

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