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New energy vehicles motor manufacturing

Release time:2021/07/07

At present, the development of new energy vehicles not only has a huge impact on the automotive industry, but also has a huge impact on the supply industry and the machinery and equipment suppliers of gearboxes and gearbox parts manufacturing systems. The motors used in automobiles have a relatively high volume and the weight-to-power ratio can provide linear rated power in the high-speed rotation range and ensure excellent efficiency.

Motors play an important role in car driving, so the production design of electric car motors must be flexible and used in series of different types and sizes. Manufacturing electrical machinery and equipment and its automation must be matched with stators of different heights.

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The stator winding is the power heart of the drive motor for new energy vehicles. It usually refers to a symmetrical circuit connection loop composed of multiple coils or coil groups through different winding methods. Under driving conditions, when external electric energy is connected to the input terminal of the stator winding through the high-voltage wiring harness, the separated drive motor stator winding designed by Neda, the stator winding can convert the input electric energy into magnetic energy and store it in the stator and rotor air gap In the final conversion to mechanical energy to provide driving force.

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NIDE new energy motor stator manufacturing line is highly automated to meet the high-speed production needs of motor manufacturers, improve work efficiency, and save labor costs. This automatic motor stator line includes a stator insulation paper inserting machine, a stator winding and embedding integrated machine, and a stator. Wire binding machine, stator shaping machine, stator test bench, etc. We can also manufacture machinery and equipment with various types of stator motors according to customer needs.

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