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Submersible Pumps Motor stator manufacturing

Release time:2021/07/22

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The submersible pump is a water-lifting machine with a motor and a pump body directly submerged into the water, 

It is suitable for extracting groundwater from deep wells,  water-lifting projects such as rivers, reservoirs, and canals, water supply and drainage in cities, factories, railways, mines and construction sites.

Whether submersible pump motor is safe and reliable will directly affect the use and work efficiency of deep well pumps. Therefore, deep well pumps with high safety and reliability have become the first choice.

 Submersible Pumps stator making.jpg

How to make submersible pump motor stator automatically?

NIDE supply fully automatic submersible pump motor stator production line. 

The production line  includes stator paper inserting machine, stator coil winding and inserting machine, stator coil forming machine, stator coil lacing machine.

Submersible Pumps stator winding inserting.jpg

Submersible Pumps motor coil winding.jpg


The stator production line is use for long motor manufacturing.

It is suitable for Potable Water-lifting Supply Motor, Agricultural irrigation Motor, Mines Dewatering Motor, Bottom Intake Pump Motor Application, Booster Pump Motor Application, Offshore Application, etc.

Submersible Pumps motor stator coil winder.jpg

NIDE can supply pumping motor manufacturing solution and technology.

Complete economic line of submersible pumps motor manufacturing, technical and service support systems.

Help our customer to produce high-quality submersible pumps motors requires

Supply professional motor manufacturing know-how and continually evolving manufacturing processes.


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