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NIDE hairpin stator manufacturing assembly line

Release time:2022/06/07

NIDE hairpin stator manufacturing assembly line

Facing the increasingly stringent requirements for new energy electric vehicle drive motors, hairpin motors are in line with the industry development trend and have huge development space.

The Hairpin stator manufacturing assembly line researched and developed by NIDE provides various sizes of Hairpin stator production solutions, and can customize exclusive motor manufacturing solutions according to customer needs, and provide professional hairpin motor stator technical services.

hairpin stator manufacturing line.jpg

        Hairpin Stator Manufacturing Line:  C/T 100s, Occupied Floor: 30m x 12m

The stator assembly line is composed of multiple workstations such as tangent, laser stripping, bending, inserting insulating paper, press-fitting, outlet end expansion and twisting, outlet end trimming, welding, electrical performance testing, and stator paint dripping. Complete car hairpin motor stator assembly line. As a professional motor manufacturing solution provider, NIDE is committed to making motor manufacturing smarter.

Hairpin stator windings are motors with rectangular cross-section wires. Different from ordinary winding motors, hairpin motors do not first wind round wires into specific coils and then insert them into the stator slots by the machine, but preform flat copper wires, insert them into the stator slots, and repeat at one or both ends. Shaped and welded to form the entire stator winding.

Hairpin motors have three main advantages:

1.High slot filling rate:

Due to the use of flat copper wire, the space in the stator slot is better filled than round wire, and it has a higher slot filling rate, that is, the cross-sectional area of each turn of the winding is increased, and the winding resistance is reduced, thereby The efficiency of reducing copper loss is higher than that of traditional winding motors, thereby improving the cruising range of the vehicle.

2. Good heat dissipation: 

Another advantage of using flat copper wire is good heat dissipation. Compared with the round wire, the flat copper wire with very regular shape can fit more closely between turns in the stator slot, and can also be in good contact with the stator teeth and stator yoke, and the heat conduction is better. At the same time, the motor end area has a larger and more regular exposed surface, which means that the stator winding has a larger heat dissipation area, making the Pin motor output have higher sustained performance and longer peak duration.

3. Good batch production stability: 

The application of flat copper wire can use a production line with a higher degree of automation, which is suitable for batch and stable production, and eliminates the interference of artificial factors on quality. At the same time, the application of automation greatly improves the production cycle and the cost is better.

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