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Electric Rickshaw Motor Manufacturing

Release time:2022/05/30

Electric rickshaws are becoming more popular in some cities as an alternative to pulling rickshaws. Electric rickshaws are propelled by one or more electric motors.

This popularity is due to their lower fuel cost and ease of use compared to human rickshaws. They are widely accepted as an alternative to petrol/diesel/auto-rickshaws.

At present, e-rickshaws have transformed from a market entrant in the automotive sector in several countries around the world to a leading short-distance transportation solution.

Electric rickshaw motor manufacturing.jpg

NIDE, as a leading motor manufacturing machinery manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide customers with various motor manufacturing solutions, including electric rickshaw motor manufacturing line, electric rickshaw motor assembly line, electric rickshaw brushless motor winding machine, etc. We have Cooperate with a number of electric rickshaw motor manufacturers to provide them with high-quality motor manufacturing equipment to enhance their electric rickshaw market competitiveness.

The following recommends our electric rickshaw motor stator winding machine. This winding machine adopts brushless motor needle winding machine technology, which can wind 14 strands of copper wire at the same time to improve production efficiency. Suitable for electric rickshaw, electric 2-wheeler, electric tricycle and other motor manufacturing.

Electric rickshaw motor winding machine.jpg

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Electric rickshaw motor needle winding machine

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