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Hairpin Motor Technical Features - Hairpin Stator Winding

Release time:2022/05/19

In the context of the electric vehicle megatrend, electric drives are gaining a huge innovation impetus through their use in automotive drivetrains, the associated need for increased power density and the need to reduce mass production costs will improve motor windings and associated production process. Hairpin motor windings consist of a large number of prefabricated elements made of painted copper wire that must be assembled and connected to each other. Unlike previous production chains, the flat wire is first pre-bent, then inserted, and finally twisted at the end.


Hairpin stator windings can be loaded with more flat wire, which means the motor can output higher power and torque with the same energy loss. The flat wire used in hairpin motors has a more regular shape and reduces thermal resistance in the stator slots, it provides higher heat transfer efficiency which further improves peak power and sustained performance. The windings provide more stiffness, and the motor itself provides better stiffness. In the electromagnetic design, smaller notches can be used to reduce mechanical and electromagnetic noise.


At present, hairpin motor technology has not been widely used, mainly because the manufacturing process of hairpin winding is very complicated. The wire needs to be formed into a hairpin shape, and then it can be automatically inserted into the stator core slot. Then, the ends must be twisted and welded. Hairpin motors cannot be made by hand, and building an efficient production line for these motors requires a huge investment.


NIDE Group provides one-stop hairpin motor manufacturing solutions. We have a professional technical team and mature hairpin motor manufacturing technology to provide customized motor solutions for customers in more than 50 countries around the world.

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