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Salesman (domestic sales) 1, male; bachelor degree or above; mechanical or mechanical and electrical integration related majors 2, Familiar with the basic mechanical principle, love the motor manufacturing industry; 3, motor manufacturing product sales experience priority 1.responsible for Product sales, execute and complete the company sales target; 2.responsible for the development of new customers, maintenance of existing customers; 3.Responsible for some technical support work, provide customers with high quality service experience; 4.according to market conditions, timely feedback to the department manager and provide rationalization proposals; 5.able to adapt to long-term business trip 2019.06.11
HR Specialist 1. Bachelor degree or above, Human resource management major; 2. Have more than 5 years of work experience in the same position, good at designing the structure of the company pay structure and system 3. Familiar with the concrete operation of the six modules of modern human resource management; 1. Responsible for the company\\\'s salary system construction and investigation 2. Regularly carry out the comparison and compensation structure design and development of manpower compensation with the industry 3. To help complete the company\\\'s pay system to build and assess 4.design performance appraisal management implementation plan and Organization 5.work sense of responsibility and strong pioneering thinking. 2019.06.11
Foreign trade business assistant 1. Bachelor degree or above, international trade or English major, 2. CET 6 or above 3 Good English listening and speaking ability, Skilled use of office software, simple processing PHOTOSHOP. 1.help salesman to deal with customer calls, email and other tracking services 2.help salesman to deal with order making, follow-up, sample delivery and follow-up 3.deal with Related reports,statements,documents,information and so on 4.Assist to Handle customer complaints 5.help salesman to track customer payment and promptly remind related to the recovery of payment 6.motivated,strong communication ability to understand, adaptability, teamwork, 2019.06.11
Mechanical Engineer (Brushless Motor Stator Automation Production Equipment Rela 1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical or mechatronics; 2. Familiar with mechanical processing technology, skilled use of pneumatic control, hydraulic control, mechanical transmission, precision mechanism design and other technologies; 3. proficient use of 3D graphics software, such as Solidworks, ProE, UG. 1. Design pneumatic, hydraulic, servo and light, machine, electricity as one of the small non-standard mechanical equipment; 2. Responsible for product design to confirm the sample parts, The whole machine assembly and commissioning of all aspects of monitoring; 3. In new product development process , communicate and coordinate with customers and the company\\\'s various departments ; 4. Has a good team spirit, strong ability to withstand pressure; 2017.11.20
Electrical Engineer 1. bachelor degree or above;electrical automation, mechanical and electrical integration related professional; 2. Familiar with common servo system and stepping about design selection and programming control ; 3. Familiar with the principles of electrical control , various drawing software (CAD/SOLIDWORKS, etc.) , PLC programming and man-machine interface production , Can design electrical automation control loop independently; 1.According to the needs of the company,design electrical manufacturing equipment for electrical control programs and drawings,electrical parts selection,wiring guidance,equipment commissioning and maintenance and so on 2.Familiar with the mainstream brand PLC (Delta, Mitsubishi, etc.), touch screen (Wei Lun, etc.), the use of electrical components,servo and various sensors, master automation control technology such as industrial automation electrical control system. 3.strong practical ability 2017.11.20
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