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Engineer Majored in Mechanical, Electromechanical, Automation. At lease 5-years working experience; proficiency in motor and motor manufacturing machine field; both China or overseas are OK. 2017.04.24
E-business operator Bachelor Degree or above, majored in Computer or E-business; Proficiency in website optimization, E-business operation; related working experience; both China or overseas are OK. 2017.04.24
Purchasing assistant 1. Bachelor Degree or above; CET 4 or above 2. majored in Mechanical, Electromechanical, Automation. 1. Skilled in Word, Excel and other office software; 2. At least 1 year purchasing experience and data statistics or other related experience; 3. good communication and coordination ability, with good sense of teamwork and responsibility; 2017.04.24
Salesman 1. Majored in international trade, English, or Mechanical 2. CET 6 or above. fluent in spoken and written English 3. With B2B operation experience, we prefer salesman with at least 2 years experience. 1. B2B daily operation and maintenance; 2. Customer maintenance and development; 3. Optimized living and working attitude; patience , carefulness and profession on work; 4. A high sense of teamwork and responsibility 5. both China or overseas are OK. 2017.04.24
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