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Nide provide good solution for new energy automobile motor stator winding

Release time:2016/03/17

The growth rate of automobile industry is trend to be declining. Under such situation, new energy automobile has been outstanding in the declining automobile industry. The production keeps going up at a rapid speed, which brings huge opportunities for the related industries. The motor drive system is estimated to become a hundred billion markets. As a new force suddenly rises, the new energy automobile will stimulate the investment of motor industry.


Considering the environmental protection and technology improvement, the new energy automobile industry will further grow in the near future, which accelerating development of accessories and components of new energy automobile. Among which, motor industry is the most eye-catching. Amount to the engine of the old type car, motor is the core component of the new energy automobile.


Compared with old type, this kind of motor is characteristic as high slot filling rate, big dimension and different wire distribution. Consequently, the manual stator production and its efficiency remain difficulties. Nide provides good solution for motor massive production. Under the help of rich experienced technical team, Nide has successfully supplied the machines to many motor manufacturers in different countries.

New engery car.PNG


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