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Chinese Robot industry motor Analysis

Release time:2016/03/10

Robot industry surges in the recent year. China ranks top in the world industrial robot market. The core part of the robot is electric motor. Currently, the investment in the robot industry accounts less than nearly hundredth of the total amount. The robot industry has a very bright prospect. Therefore, the development of related motor industry is vital. However, the majority robot industrial company tend to import such kind of motor.  


The problem lies that the quality of Chinese motor is far behind that of abroad. It is caused by the processing technology not the design feature. Currently, processing technology still remains a big issue especially during massive production. As a result, precision of residential motor needs to be improved.


Nide provide good solution for motor massive production. The motor production assembly line adopts the conveyor structure, effectively avoiding the problem caused by processing technology.Under the help of rich experienced technical team, Nide has successfully supplied the machines to many motor manufacturers in different countries. 

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