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Manufacturing Process Of Permanent Magnet Motor

Release time:2023/01/16

Manufacturing Process Of Permanent Magnet Motor


1. First of all, in the permanent magnet motor, the rotor plays an important role, and its attraction to the Alnico alloy is quite critical. If you want to ensure the normal operation of the permanent magnet motor, you must effectively control the iron core of the rotor, To prevent being excessively attracted by strong magnetic force, when installing the Alnico alloy, you should ensure that the positive and negative poles are installed correctly, and then carry out specific processing experiments to find out the correct and reasonable installation and processing methods. When installing, put the same amount of Alnico alloy in each turn slot, which can ensure the stability of the magnetic circuit axis and its installation quality.


2. In the specific installation process, the fixture should be designed first, so as to ensure the accuracy of the installation. Immediately after the installation, the relevant data such as positive and negative poles and magnetic flux are detected separately. During the detection process, attention should be paid to the workpiece not being damaged. If damage is found, replace it in time. In order to ensure that the magnetic flux is consistent, the number of magnetic steel in each slot should be consistent during the installation process, but this cannot be fully regulated, because the manufacturers of permanent magnet motors are inconsistent, although the country has carried out the overall quality standard. Unified specification, but each manufacturer will formulate different specification standards under this specification arrangement, so there is inconsistency in function. In the above detection process, electromagnetic detection is very important. In order to continuously improve the performance of electromagnetic, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the produced AlNiCo alloy. In addition, to carry out the necessary preparations for the work site, on the one hand, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the site, and on the other hand, it is necessary to mark the eye-catching positions to prevent safety accidents. In terms of production tools, it is necessary to prepare corresponding non-magnetic tool holders.


3. In the process of installation, the AlNiCo alloys must be separated from each other first, separated by a separator with a magnetic function, and then the N and S directions of the AlNiCo alloys should be detected. Each piece of AlNiCo The specific direction of the north and south poles must be marked on the alloy, and the magnitude of the magnetic flux should also be clearly marked, which is more convenient for installation. Since there is no large difference in the magnitude of the magnetic flux, the distances are relatively close during the installation process, which is more convenient for installation. The alnico alloys are separated from each other artificially. If the alnico alloys are put together without isolation, the attractive force released by them will easily cause certain damage to the human body. Therefore, for safety, it is also necessary to Strengthen protection against danger. When installing the Alnico alloy, the staff must install it piece by piece, and prevent the magnetic steel around it. The guide installation of the magnetic steel can only be carried out after the Alnico alloy is installed. During this period, the position must be ensured. At the same time, the determination of the North and South Poles is also a key point.


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