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Why Choose Laser Welding For New Energy Motor Stator?

Release time:2022/12/29

As the core component of the new energy vehicle power system, the motor is not only related to the performance of the vehicle, but also closely related to driving safety. The stator is an important part of motors such as generators and starters. It consists of three parts: stator core, stator winding and machine base. Its main function is to generate a rotating magnetic field.


The stator requires high welding strength, small heat-affected zone, high welding precision and limited welding operation space angle in the production process. In the development process of motor stator welding, several processes such as electrode arc welding, CO2 gas shielded welding, argon arc welding, and laser welding have been used successively. In comparison, laser welding has obvious advantages, which are reflected in these four points: high production efficiency, Sanitation and safety conditions are improved, the amount of deformation is greatly reduced, and processing time is saved.


With the development of new laser welding technology and equipment, laser welding is gradually replacing traditional welding technology. There are various processing techniques such as riveting, fastening, cementing, welding and other processing techniques for the welding of the stator core of the motor. Among them, the welded parts are widely used because of their high quality and low cost.


In order to quickly improve the production quality and speed of the motor stator, in addition to the welding process, the welding quality and efficiency are also very important. The emergence of the motor stator laser welding automatic production line can solve the above problems well. The whole production line is assisted by robots to improve the automation of the whole production line. It integrates measurement, welding and testing, and independently completes the welding of the motor stator. The whole process: stator lifting and pressing, laser welding, demoulding, measurement and inspection, laser coding. The whole production process has high reliability, environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency. And greatly reduce the enterprise's expenditure on labor costs.

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