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8 working station auto coil winding machine released successfully

Release time:2014/09/10

After a long time research and development, Nide has succeed in developing a new model number RXL3-100 working station coil winding machine.

This machine has four winding heads and eight operation stations. High efficiency is its feature, the efficiency is 4 times than the conventional machine, while cost is much less. The machine automatically put the coil into transfer former orderly, especially suitable for winding the high production capacity requirement, high slot filling rate, small slot opening stator coil. Winding mode, such as auto skip, auto cutting and auto indexing could be completed at a time successuvely, paramenter could be set in human-manchine interface. Continuous/discontinuos winidng way and meets the 2 ploes. 4 ploes, 6 ploes coils winding.

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