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What does DC brushless electrometer mean? How to achieve mechanical braking?

Release time:2024/02/26

What does DC brushless electrometer mean? How to achieve mechanical braking?

DC brushless electrometer braking refers to the operation of stopping motor to run after power outage.

Mechanical braking: After cutting the power supply, the method of DC brushless motor uses a mechanical device to quickly stop the motor. There are two more common mechanical braking devices: electromagnetic housing gates and electromagnetic clutch.

DC brushless motor does not exist without driving voltage free -driving voltage. One is that the motor exists with a decorative torque, that is, the motor is in the open path. The axis of the rotating motor can feel a meal and a bit of resistance. It is formed by the closing of the rotor permanent magnet and the stator magnetic circuit. Therefore, even if the rotor is in a state of freedom, it is still a specific position.

In addition, because the DC brushless motor at this time is in the state of power generation, although the switching tube is in a corrupt state, there is a reverse diode in parallel in the switching tube. , It must be transformed into a braking moment. If the rotor speed is relatively high, you should also consider the power of the power supply. Do not consider the general rotation speed. Therefore, during the initial deceleration of the motor, the motor speed can be used to reduce the motor speed in consideration of other rotation measures.

There are two simple ways to use DC brushless motors itself to make fast braking itself. One is energy consumption braking, one is short -connected brake, and energy consumption braking is to consume the motor kinetic energy on external braking resistance. The short -connect brake is to consume the motor kinetic energy on the stator winding of the motor. Obviously, energy consumption braking is more beneficial to reduce the fever of the motor. However, short -connecting braking does not require changes in hardware. Simple and convenience is its prominent advantage, so we study short -connecting braking.

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