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Electric Vehicle EV Traction Motor Development Trend

Release time:2023/02/22

Electric Vehicle EV Traction Motor Development Trend


As electric vehicles go to the market, the traction motor production strategy of automobile manufacturers and suppliers has become the focus. It is undeniable that the transition to electric vehicles is in progress. All car manufacturers promise to launch a large number of new electric vehicle models by 2025.


In addition to batteries, the most important part of the value and supply chain of electric vehicles is traction motors -usually integrate with inverters and related electric electronics equipment — Provide propulsion. Electric motors are touted because of their relatively simple and efficient. Therefore, the design has not changed substantially in the past half century. However, with the significant increase in the infiltration rate of the electric vehicle market, automobile manufacturers, suppliers and professional motor developers are putting a lot of resources into motor design, manufacturing and deployment.

Electric Vehicle EV Traction Motor manufacturing.jpg


Electric motors, mainly used for the advancement/traction of electric vehicles, have been considered within the market. The motor in the electric vehicle market has been subdivided according to the assembly type, application, motor type, vehicle type, power and geographical area.


According to the type of assembly, the market is divided into wheels and central power assemblies.

The market is divided into passenger and commercial vehicles according to the application type.

The market is subdivided by the type of motor: a brushless DC motor, permanent magnetic DC motor, asynchronous motor, synchronous magnetic resistor, etc. (axial magnetic flux -free permanent magnet motor, switch magnetic resistance motor, etc.).

According to the power market, it is divided into 100 kilowatts, 101-250 kilowatts and 250 kW.

Electric Vehicle EV Traction Motor assembly line.jpg 

With the increasing impact of electrification on rare and expensive minerals, manufacturers and traction motor developers have long been committed to reducing the content of rare earth elements in the motor, especially their magnets. All motors using magnets continue to develop in a significant reduction direction.

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