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Electric Balance Wheel Hub Motor Manufacturing Solution

Release time:2022/11/16

Electric Balance Wheel Hub Motor Manufacturing Solution

With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, the number of electric vehicles is increasing day by day. At the same time, the researchers developed a new type of electric balance car according to market demand. The electric balance car is a new type of transportation, mainly supported by two wheels, powered by a battery, and driven by a brushless motor. More and more people are paying attention to this environmentally friendly, healthy and fast means of transportation. With the advantages of energy saving, portability, environmental protection, convenient operation, and high speed, electric balance vehicles occupy a place among various means of transportation. As a new type of transportation, electric balance vehicles will inevitably have many problems. For example, when the self-balancing car stops suddenly during driving, the body is driven by inertia and falls, causing falls. Due to the ineffective braking, when the self-balancing vehicle is driving fast on the motorway, it is very easy to collide with the motor vehicle, but driving on the sidewalk will seriously threaten the safety of pedestrians. The drive motor is like the heart of the electric balance car. Choosing a motor suitable for the electric balance car can effectively improve the reliability and braking performance of the self-balancing car and reduce power consumption.

NIDE can supply electric balance wheel hub permanent magnet motor manufacturing technology, mainly including outer rotor core, stator core, permanent magnet, armature winding, stator fixed block and shaft, which belongs to the technical field of electric vehicles. Our in-wheel motor manufacturing solution can produce an electric wheel hub drive wheel motor. The outer rotor core of the permanent magnet motor of the electric balance car is fixed on the electric balance wheel hub, and the long-diameter in-wheel motor on the drive wheel has one end of the shell covered with a fixed tire. , the other end is equipped with a bearing, and the outer end of the bearing is covered with a fixed tire. The two-wheel self-balancing vehicle control system and the two-wheel self-balancing vehicle solve the problem that the failure of some components of the two-wheel self-balancing vehicle causes the vehicle to lose balance and cause the driver to fall or fall, thereby providing driver safety.

The balance car made of wheel hub motor, because it does not need a belt to transmit energy, greatly reduces the overall mass, reduces the space occupied by the electric skateboard, and has a more beautiful appearance; the outer rotor is used to directly drive the tires, which reduces the energy transmission link. Energy loss is reduced. The hub motor mentioned above has a good pole-slot ratio. After testing, the motor efficiency can reach more than 83%, the motor torque can reach 6Nm, and the maximum power of a single motor can reach 1150W. The starting current is controlled at about 0.8A, and the current is controlled at about 1A to 3A in actual operation, which can effectively reduce the power consumption of the motor. Because the iron core and the cogged magnetic steel sheet match well in the whole motor, the heat generated by the motor is small.

Our in-wheel motor windings reduce starting current and back EMF, reducing energy loss. There are mainly single-strand windings or multi-strand windings, depending on the needs of the hub motor as well as its load and road conditions.

Single wire winding

Single wire windings are suitable for mass production. Use mechanical winding to wind enameled wire with a diameter of 0.7mm to 1.2mm for 10 turns to 20 turns. Try to make good use of the area in the slot without affecting the mechanical winding, and control the speed of the hub motor body to increase the efficiency of the hub motor body. Controlled at around 83%.

Hoverboard wheel Motor Stator Winding machine.jpg

Multi-strand winding

The multi-strand wire winding can make the comprehensive performance of the hub motor body reach the best. The winding wire is an enameled wire with a diameter of 0.3 mm to 0.45 mm, and 5 to 8 strands are wound for 5 to 10 turns. Multi-strand wire winding is used to increase the starting current to 0.8A~2.3A, which can increase part of the torque and eliminate the skin effect.

Self-Balance Scooter Wheel Hub Motor Winding machine.jpg

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