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Hairpin Technology For Electric Cars Drive Motors

Release time:2022/02/17

Hairpin Technology For Electric Cars Drive Motors


As one of the core parts of new energy vehicles, the electric drive system has an important impact on the performance of new energy vehicles, and has important significance for the power, economy, comfort, safety, reliability, and durability of new energy vehicles.


The hairpin stator technologies for electric drive motor can maximization of the stator cavity filling to obtain a higher power with a more compact motor, with consequent better cooling of the motor itself, process visibility during the assembling, thus granting the total quality-reliability of the implemented product, with finally the possibility of relying on all manufacturing processes fully automatically. And in particular, in the case of the application of the electric drive motor, benefits are clear.


NIDE Group's latest development in electric drive motor hairpin technology makes it possible to design and manufacture innovative machines and automated production lines for assembling hairpin motors.


We can provide customers with hairpin technology for stator winding and assembling line . Customers can produce hairpin stators with variable shapes and sizes, manufacturing with the same plant motors with different technical specifications.

The machines perform the processes of slot insulation, hairpin forming and insertion, enlargement and twisting, cutting, repositioning and laser welding of terminal wires.

Each operation is carried out with utmost precision and speed, granting an optimal control of every phase of the manufacturing process.

We are ready to provide customers with hairpin technology new product development consulting, research and evaluation of its feasibility.

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