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Why choose aluminum die casting rotor?

Release time:2021/08/10

Rotor is an indispensable part of motor manufacturing. At present, it is classified according to the characteristics of the material filled in the rotor slot of the motor. There are wound rotors, aluminum die casting rotors and permanent magnet rotors. In comparison, aluminum die casting rotors are the most widely used, of course, due to the cost and process advantages of this type of rotor.


The slot shape of the aluminum die casting rotor is not limited by the profile, and the best slot shape can be selected arbitrarily to improve the starting performance of the motor; the rotor copper bar accounts for about 40% of the copper consumption of the entire motor. The use of aluminum die casting rotor can greatly reduce the motor's Material cost; the aluminum die casting conductor fills the entire rotor slot, the slot full rate is close to 100%, which is conducive to heat dissipation; the rotor blades and the end ring are cast together to increase the heat dissipation capacity, and no additional fan is required, which saves some Processing procedures: The aluminum die casting rotor has a symmetrical and compact structure. The balance column and the end ring are cast together, making it easy to balance mechanically. The production cycle is short, the working hours are small, and the cost is low. It is suitable for mass production.


However, aluminum die casting rotors cannot use all motors. For example, for high-efficiency and high-power motors, copper bar rotors or cast copper rotors may be needed.

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