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Application of brushless motor

Release time:2020/11/03

What is the difference between a brushless and brushed motor?

Brushless motors have no mechanical commutation. Brushed motors, the more conventional design, use a mechanical commutation where rotating armatures with brushes are used to make the electrical connections. The reduced moving parts give brushless motors a long life, limited only by wear on ball bearings.

How does a brushless DC motor work?

Conventional DC motors use a stationary magnet with a rotating armature combining the commutation segments and brushes to provide automatic commutation. In comparison, the brushless DC motor is a reversed design: the permanent magnet is rotating whereas the windings are part of the stator and can be energized without requiring a commutator-and-brush system. The commutation of the brushless DC motor is made electronically and can be done either by looking at the back-EMF of the motor or by using a position sensor.

Automatic BLDC motor assembly line.jpg

Brushless DC motor applications

Brushless DC motors are integral to many applications, especially those in the Medical Device, Industrial Automation, Aerospace and Defense, Security and Access, and other industries.

Medical: BLDC motors are ideal for high speed surgical and dental hand tools, including small bone and large bone tools and dental tools such as drills. They are also very effective for respirators and ventilators, infusion and insulin pumps, dental imaging, and analyzers.

 High speed surgical hand tools

Small bone surgical hand tools

Large bone surgical hand tools

Respirators & ventilators

Infusion & insulin pumps

Dental hand tools

Dental imaging


Surgical robotics

Bionics and Exoskeleton systems

Industrial automation: Brushless DC motors are used in industrial nut runners and screwdrivers, air pumps, conveyors, and electronic assembly devices.

Industrial nut runners

Industrial screwdrivers

Electronic assembly

Electric grippers

Air pumps


Aerospace and Defense: The longevity and reliability of BLDC motors make them a good choice for aircraft on-board instrumentation, gyroscopes, and satellites. They are also commonly used in valves, fuel metering systems and electric actuators.

Aircraft on board instrumentation


Detection and service robots


Fuel metering system


Electric actuator

Security & Access: The compact size and low running temperatures of Brushless DC motors make them excellent for use in barcode readers, cameras, locks, and ticket printers and dispensers.

Barcode readers

Ticket printer & dispenser



BLDC motor manufacturing solution.jpg

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