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2020 new energy vehicle motors market demand

Release time:2020/09/10

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, it is expected that in the next few years, as the production and sales of new energy vehicles continue to grow, the motor market will show a rapid growth trend. The rapid development of new energy vehicles has spawned a huge motor demand market.

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According to estimates, in 2014, the domestic market for new energy vehicle motors was RMB 1.48billion, of which bus drive motors and passenger car drive motors accounted for 53% and 42%, respectively, and 5% were special-purpose vehicle motors. In 2015, the corresponding scale of my country's new energy vehicle motor industry was approximately RMB6.56 billion, and the share of bus/passenger vehicle/special vehicle drive motors was 52%/33%/15%, respectively. In 2016, China's new energy vehicle motor market will reach a market size of 9.7 billion.

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It is expected that the market space will exceed USD19 billion by 2020. In 2030, global electric vehicle sales will reach 20 million units, accounting for approximately 16%-18% of total passenger vehicle sales that year, and the market size of electric vehicle motors will reach USD31.8 billion. The production and sales growth rate of new energy passenger cars will be used to the growth rate of passenger cars, and the proportion of electric motors for passenger cars will show an upward trend. It is estimated that by 2020, the proportion of electric motors for new energy passenger cars will reach 47.4%. Motors accounted for 42.7%, and motors for special vehicles accounted for 10%.

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At present, the new energy vehicle drive motor industry is quite attractive, and the potential market space is large. NIDE focuses on motor manufacturing solutions, especially new energy vehicle motor assembly lines, motor manufacturing linesmotor winding machines, etc. We can tailor innovative solutions for customers to meet their quality and production requirements. Our fully automatic motor assemble line is suitable for varies type induction motor assembly, BLDC motor assembly, universal electric motor and DC motor assembly,

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